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Whether you experienced something recently or in the past and you are unsure of what to do you there are ways you can get help:

  1. Click here for some simple advice on what to do if you’ve just been raped (or within the last 7 days).
  2. Call or text the TST Cymru Support Line on 08088010818 and someone can provide support, advice and information on services available.
  3. TST Cymru’s members have many years of experience providing specialist support to victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Counselling is one way of having support but there are also Sexual Assault referral Centres and Independent Sexual Violence Advocates. Go to our map here and find a specialist service close to you.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre

If you are considering reporting to the police you can do this via a SARC. A SARC or Sexual Assault Referral Centre is a specialist centre where you can have a forensic medical exam and police interview. These will be done by specialist doctors and police and you will have support from a crisis worker who will be there to provide emotional support and advocacy. The medical exam can help you to check for any injuries as well as provide a sexual health screening and will also help to gather evidence including DNA samples.
You can self- refer to a SARC and you get help whether or not you are ready to contact the police.

Independent Sexual Violence Advocate

An Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) helps victims and survivors by providing practical and emotional support. An ISVA can help you to make some decisions and if you have decided to report to the police you will have an ISVA to support you through the  whole criminal justice process should you want it. This could be helping you to sort out your housing as well as attending court with you.

To find out about SARC or ISVA services near you click here
You can also call the police directly on 999 or 112 from a mobile


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