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Compliments & Complaints

Compliments and complaints

The Survivors Trust Cymru values feedback in the form of compliments or complaints.
We have procedures for making compliments, suggestions and complaints based on the following principles.

We will:
•         Ensure open access to all procedures
•         Adhere to The Survivors Trust Cymru equal opportunities policy
•         Carry out an impartial review of all complaints
•         Require positive action on the part of The Survivors Trust Cymru senior management and board of trustees in response to justified complaints
•         Aim to resolve all complaints satisfactorily where possible
•         Keep an open mind with regard to all suggestions
•         Regard compliments, suggestions and complaints as a way of continuously improving our services.

Procedures for compliments, suggestions and complaints

1. Procedure for giving us a compliment
We would welcome and feedback on any positive experiences that you have had while involved with The Survivors Trust Cymru. If you would like to pay us a compliment, please write to us or send us an email. Please send an email to

2. Procedure for making a complaints
The Complaints Procedure has three stages:
Stage 1 – Preliminary investigative stage
, Stage 2 – Formal stage- Appeal Panel.
While it is open to you to begin the complaints procedure at either stage, we hope that unless you consider the situation to be of a very serious nature, every effort will be made to resolve your complaint at Stage 1 and will you write to us via If you would like to contact the National Development Manager, Charlotte Dyer, directly please contact
If you would like a full copy of the complaints procedure, please get in touch by emailing or calling 08088010818.

*While we accept complaints that are made in confidence, please note that this can make investigation of a complaint difficult.
If there is any indication that a complaint involves a child being at risk of harm, The Survivors Trust ymru will pass on the information to the statutory agencies.


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