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The Survivors Trust Cymru

Who are TST Cymru?

The Survivors Trust Cymru is the Welsh office of The Survivors Trust, a national umbrella organisation, for over 135 specialist rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Our members provide specialist counselling, advocacy and crisis support for victims and survivors of rape, sexual abuse and any form of sexual violence.

The TST Mission Statement

We believe that the rape and sexual violence of children and adults is endemic within our society. Together we are committed to empowering survivors and their supporters to work through and beyond the experience of abuse.
The core aims of TST are:
To support and empower survivors of rape, sexual violence and/or childhood sexual abuse through;
Providing a collective voice and peer networking for members;
Raising awareness about sexual abuse and/or rape and its effects on survivors, their supporters and society at large
Informing acknowledgement of, and effective responses to, rape and sexual abuse on a local, regional and national level

TST Cymru members are North Wales RASASC, SEREN and Stepping Stones. We have a further guest member; Cyfannol providing advocacy support services to women and girls who have experienced rape and sexual abuse. These member agencies are third sector providers of specialist sexual violence services in Wales. The only statutory services are 2 NHS run Sexual Assault Referral Centres in Cardiff and Colwyn Bay and TST Cymru and members work closely with them to ensure victims and survivors get seamless and effective support across Wales.  Together these services help and support increasing numbers of victims and survivors every year. We also support our Members to develop services, to access funding and have representation at local, regional and national forums so that rape and sexual abuse are on every appropriate agenda in all areas of Wales. To find out which of these services is in your area click here to go to the map of service

TST also runs a Sexual Abuse and Rape Support Line to provide free, confidential support, information and advice to victims, survivors and their supporters. This service can be helpful to people in many ways whether they are wanting some immediate anonymous support, to find a local specialist service or information on reporting to the police. If you would like to have this service call 0808 801 0818

TST Cymru works to raise awareness of the issues relating to rape and sexual abuse in Wales by working with Welsh Government, Police and Crime Commissioners, Health agencies, and many other forums. By doing this we hope that commissioners, policy makers, government and society will recognise the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse in the UK and respond appropriately.  TST Cymru promotes the need for education, training for staff and appropriate services for survivors.  The Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 brings new focus and possibilities to respond to the issues of people affected by sexual abuse and rape in Wales. We hope it will make significant changes to how victims and survivors of sexual violence are supported in Wales and are working with Welsh Government and others to help make this happen in action.


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